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Last Update : 21.11.2021

What does the "Cookies" we use on the website mean?

Almost all websites use small scripts called cookies in order to provide a safer and faster web experience.

When you visit the website, these cookies collect information about the device you are visiting. When you visit your website for the second time, this information is used by the server to provide you with a better service.

When you visit the websites connected to the domain, you accept that the cookie scripts necessary to increase the functionality of the website are placed on your computer. evaluates the information it collects through cookies within the framework of its Privacy Policy. If you do not approve the use of cookies on the website, you can stop the use of cookies from your browser's settings. As a result of the cookies being turned off, there may be some problems in the use of some functions on the website.

The cookie policy on can be changed without notice when deemed necessary by our company. You can follow the changes from the cookie policy update date.

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